Mooji Video: The Wayless Way (10 Star Video)

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The windshield wiper story they are speaking about at the beginning of the video can be found here.

This video clip is so AMAZING that there are no words to describe its importance if one is truly searching for the truth. In 5 minutes, Mooji speaks of at least  6 “Ah Ha!” revelations in simple, clear language that anyone that is ready for the truth can understand and assimilate. This video was given 5 stars only because this blog can not accommodate 10 stars. That is how important the information in this video is.

Mooji can  fluctuate greatly in clarity depending on many things, but this is one of those times when he speaks from a place of unbound clarity as if his words are coming from the Universe itself.

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Maria says:

After spending most of my life struggling to find a way to be spiritual that makes sense to me, I can finally relax and enjoy who I really am, already spiritual. Ah, thank you, Mooji!
Does this mean that eventually, watching your videos will be “a waste of time”?

maria ines says:

Gracias, muchas gracias

Danielle Choquette says:

So natural,yet that is IT! BE what you really are. _()_ Thank you! _()_

Morningsong says:

What a wonderful revelation! Focus on the self and discover truth.

Bill says:

“Awakening is the recognition of what is timelessly and changelessly so and that you are that itself.”

Bless you Mooji for your gift of clarity. Mooji Baba!

Ailsa says:

Wonderful!! THANK YOU.

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