Mooji Video: PURE Satsang Not in Conflict with Any Religion or Traditions

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In this video Mooji explains that it doesn’t matter what religion you are, what your traditions are, that the only purpose of Satsang is to find who or what you are. Then you can go on and practice any religion or traditions you had before as they are the expressions of God’s grace in your particular body.

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Christiane says:

Indeed to find true pure joy is why we are here . Thank You Mooji and the team ho help to spread this messages in the world !
Deep open smile to every one !

Elisabeta says:

Yes..The Pure Joy…IS ..IN OUR inside ..jYes..We all share THE SAME PRESENCE OF ETERNAL JOY …one of us ..realise that. JOY .presence….the other are on the met that. presence ..of Joy and .the others…are THE PRESENCE ..of Joy ITSELF ❤❤❤ but in the end..all ..of us .Breathing ..within Presence of Joy doubt ❤just Believe in Your pure Joy !❤

Renáta says:

Thnak you! All is in progress by your pointings.

Renáta says:


Himansu says:

I am very much grateful to you Guruji. You have shown me the right path of the, End of the Endless Life. Much Gratitude.

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