Mooji Video: Going Beyond the Urge for the Truth

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In this 7 minute video, Mooji demonstrates that lying beyond the urge for the “truth” is “truth” itself.  Realizing that this “truth” is the self, the mind is perplexed and baffled by its simplicity.

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Atma says:

‘Can it be simple like This? Can you describe ‘This’?’….the mind will try all its influence to call you back…. what about this…. there are things to do……. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for ‘This Wisdom’ Sri Moojiji.

admin says:

No problem. Activity is not in conflict with the truth. Do what you have to do but remain in your true position.

Diane says:

Thank you, over and over again, thank you

w says:

amazingly simple truth , thank you Mooji

Danielle Choquette says:

Great great great! Thank you! _()_ Mind cannot find this!

Anonymous says:

This is just phenomenal. I can’t believe I am so fortunate to hear and see these videos

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