Mooji Video: How to Deal With Nervousness and Anxiety

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Mooji offers some practical advice for dealing with nervousness and anxiety.

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Cecile says:

Thank you for this beautiful pointing beloved Mooji!
Still I wonder about the distraction of music and pictures??

admin says:

The music and the pictures are there to remind you that you are still not focusing on the pointing because you are letting these things distract you.

Kevin says:

The music and pictures are not a distraction from ‘god’, they are god! Just watch and enjoy without attachment.

Vesna says:

Thank you for this video where beloved Mooji says it is ok to feel whatever is felt..Without judging.. Just to be aware of it. Thank you!

sally says:

Thank You Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
Giving as Always
Thank You Mooji Ji Baba

Anonymous says:

i dont know about ignoring … perhpas welcoming and just offering love to whatever comes up is more of a loving approach ? sometime ignoring makes it stronger ? Beutiful video though, thankyou !

Prim says:

Thank you. Love this video.

hazards says:

When Mooji says, if nervousness and anxiety is constant, that needs to be looked at separately. Where is the chronic condition considered by Mooji?

admin says:

Chronic conditions require professional help. Hopefully a therapist that integrates non-dual teachings in his therapy.

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