Mooji Video: Fear and Decision Making

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Mooji explains that we should not let fear guide our decisions.  Once you have done everything you can do and it seems like a decision needs to be made and you have no idea what to do, the advice that Mooji offers is to “keep quiet, don’t force a decision”.  When the right time comes you will “recognize” what needs to be done. The right decision comes as a RECOGNITION.

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Atma says:

‘The right decision comes as a RECOGNITION’ . Thank you Sri Mooji <3

Starshine says:

Thank u, Thank u, Thank u Moojiji…Keeping quiet is not a decision for me…IT Just IS…Om Namah Shiva

kevin says:

This is an excellent video!

Vesna says:

Wonderful! RECOGNITION. Yes. That is what is all about.
Thank you very much!

Rowena says:

Yes, to keep quiet… and the recognition comes… 🙂 such wonderful truth. thank you

Margit Rajda says:

És ez így van. Köszönöm, Mooji!

Lalla says:

Dearest Mooji THANK YOU !!

Premalatha says:

Mooji thank you. I love you your satsangs are just awesome. It gives me an insight towards my self

Devora Lillian says:

Om Sri Mooji !! xx thank you for these little gems 🙂

Sylvia says:

It’s truly a beautiful video of Mooji. And the background movie gives me nausea by looking at it. So I just listen and not watch.

Anonymous says:

moojij so nice you explained

love Clarity

Anonymous says:

Thank you loving master for your loving kindness always

Uli says:

It is soooo true .. And wonderful to listen to .. Thank you sooo much

Anonymous says:

What’s the point of of the overlay of video over a driving video..? His words don’t need a gimmick to catch attention!

Ailsa says:


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