Mooji Video: A Seeing That is Born Within It’s Own Self

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It’s truly amazing how much Mooji can communicate in only 4 minutes. Don’t tie yourself to what is passing and quickly discover that intuitive sense of what is not passing within us.

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Eric says:

Short and sweet and so beautiful – Carry this perfume and let yourself bloom

Dave says:


Margit Rajda says:

IGEN! Köszönöm.

Lalla says:

… So beautiful … Thank You Beloved Mooji !! …

Lalla says:

… Thank You … <3

Missy says:

I am approaching my finest hour.

I am so excited.

Something that is timeless is making itself known.

It will come as long as I am not preoccupied with something which preoccupied with the apparent known.

I am beyond all this.

Spontaneously and intuitively, this announcement is occurring within my own being.

I experience enormous bliss.

I am Bliss.

Danielle Choquette says:

See evrything,taste everything,do not tie yourself with anything.So much wisdom,Moojiji! Thank you,Michael <3 _()_

Anonymous says:

Simple and wise…Thank you Mooji.

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