Mooji Video: Keep Quiet and Don’t Log In

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In this short video Mooji explains that we need to remain as the being, keep quiet and don’t login. Let consciousness do what needs to be done. Don’t give the mind a way to blackmail you and disturb your peace.

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Anne Batchelor says:

Thank you Mooji, thank you. I am so furtunatate to listen to your words of wisdom and Truth.

Ursula Henn says:

Thank you Mooji, it’s so helpful, to watch and listen to your words.

Margit Rajda says:

Köszönöm, Mooji! Mindig öröm hallgatni szavaidat….

Nalini Singh-Hart says:

Thank you Mooji

Joseph manuel says:

Thank you mooji and the ones who make these clips available,what a relief to know I am not alone in my search for truth thank you.

Sue Lippiatt says:

So grateful to have these videos, they are spot on whenever I need it. Many thanks and love to Mooji and everyone who makes these available. Xxx

DeLinda says:

I noticed that when I listen in the mornings, whatever I’m dealing with is addressed in Mooji videos. Such a blessing to be guided through in this & every way that’s provided. So grateful !

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