Mooji Video: Choose to Be Free and Righteousness Will Come to You

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In this short 4 minute video, Mooji uses a personal story to explain that we don’t have to dismantle, tear down or rebuild anything, but that all we need to do is choose to be free and righteousness will take care of the rest.

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Vesna says:

In one milisecond Moojiji realizes when one spekas either from the heart or from the mind .. As always, no place to hide, no escape.
Thank you!!

mary Sheehan says:

Thank you mooji~

dianne says:

I am interested to hear Mooji speak about prayer. I am wondering whether this talk happened at an earlier point in his life as this seems to be Theistic not non-dual? I am unclear about Mooji’s orientation in this regard. Can someone who knows Mooji’s position on this explain to me about this prayer action please?

Anonymous says:

Yes this was very early in his life . P

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