Mooji Video: Parable Shows Why So Few Realize the “Self”

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In this short 5 minute video, Mooji uses a parable to help us understand why so few realize the “Self” when there are so many that are drawn to the “Truth”.

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Starshine says:

thank u, thank u, thank u Mooji…ur in our hearts as we r in yours…Namaste’

Chandravali says:

Unfortunately this can’t be watched in Germany …

Kasparas says:

Anyone knows the name of this song by B. Marley?:)

Cynthia says:

The song is Natural Mystic.

Lalla says:

Thank You Dearest Mooji. Thank You!

Lalla says:

And Thank you so much Michael for all of this amazing videos, you send us every morning. Gratitude and Love to you. Lalla

odete santos says:

Grata por estes vídeos tão instrutivos Namaste

Joanne Lafond says:

and my minds says : “so, it is important to be the one that lives and grows in the ocean” and there I am distracted, part of it all hole and complete, “missing” isn’t who is never and always who is?
Merci for the turtle example of being here.

Ana Dinis says:

I don’t know. Just know that whenever I listen to you….I find. What? Myself? Awareness? I am one of those turtles….don’t know if I will ever make it. Make what though? Sri Mooji I am finally coming to breath the energy that I feel in you…in your words. This time I will make it and will be in monte Sahaja next June 11. Thank you so much. And, BTW, thanks also for sharing your roots through the music on this video. Thank you so much. Namaste Ana

Berardinelli denise says:

Soon I’m arriving at the ocean but dear mooji you have to show me how to swimm

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