Mooji Video: The “Truth” Does Not Require Belief

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In this 7 minute video Mooji explains that recognizing the self requires no belief. It is not an opinion, belief, point of view or require trust. The “Truth” just IS and IS essentially what we are.

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Atisha says:

I like Mooji ceaselessly points to this space less space from which all is seen but habits and activity of the conditioned mind embroiled in self-identification and senses going outward with demands of body are more forceful and unstoppable while living and being in the world.
To abide there or parked there is the challenge..for that sadhna is required and unflinching love for the divine.

Margit Rajda says:

Köszönöm, Mooji!

Joanne Lafond says:

I laugh each time I listen to this moment lol lol 😀 there is no problem lol 😀

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