Mooji Video: How to Stay As the Awareness?

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In this 5 minute video Mooji addresses the super popular question, “How do I stay as the awareness?”.  The answer will surprise you. Please pardon the music in the background.

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Kathryn says:

I love the video, How Do I Stay as Awareness. Also I really like the music in the background. Can you tell me what it is? Thank you!

Pat Smith says:

Great video. Thank you. So simple. Also, the music in the background was wonderful. Can it be purchased anywhere?

Indrastarshine says:

powerful, thank u Moojiji

Vesna says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The music is wonderful, I agree.
It matches this beautiful pointing from beloved Mooji.

Rowena says:

Thank you, a wonderful reminder 🙂

Eva says:

Some people like the music, some not! So what! The words count…..

Margit Rajda says:

Csodálatos! Köszönöm, Mooji.

Joanne Lafond says:

We can give titles like grace or benediction … but it simply happens 🙂

And if you can write to me the words that I’m trying to hear or would have like at least read is between 1:26 and 1:36. Thank you.

And who is listening to Mooji and not asking himself who is wanting to add music and images to make it more of something? full black or full white screen could also express prior.

Joanne Lafond says:

some of these images are so mindfull. Please don’t add anything. Like Mooji says at 1:11
: “forget about spirituality, forget about enlightment, forget about you. ” and what your mind says it looks like, sounds like.
So…. after I minded so much, I drop it and restart the video looking at the walls of my environement and listen to Mooji’s word as when I’m in a restaurant and simply am.

Martin says:

I think these comments about the music…liking it or not is covered by what Mooji says in this video. You can be a restaurant with clinking plates and other people making noise and music playing and yet still have a sweet conversation with a friend next to you. Not let it in.

Making judgements about likes or dislikes is the ego not allowing being present and just seeing reality in the moment.

Anonymous says:

True. But the frustration comes from having a distraction deliberately added to a spiritual teaching. Emphasis on the word ‘deliberate’.

Anonymous says:

‘I like the music’
‘I don’t like the music’
All of it is more mind stuff. Why add more mind stuff to a teaching about letting go of mind stuff? It’s the person who created this post’s desire to add their own touch to Mooji’s words. Isn’t that the height of ego?

admin says:

In life there are always distractions so look at it as an exercise in FOCUS.

Joanie says:

Loved this; wish it had continued on.
Thank you!

Kathy says:

Love it love the music the the message love it all. Thank you Mooji thank you all. AM

Ssrginho says:

Thanks ok o my god shorts the messanger

Anonymous says:

the music is Dead Can Dance (Lisa Gerrard), i think.

Ailsa says:

Deep, very deep.

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