Mooji Videos: Human Beings Are On a Major Trip!

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In this video Mooji is SUPER DIRECT and is not kidding around. It’s time to really take a look at WHO is asking all of these questions. When asking a question, we must check in first and ask “Who is asking this question?” Is it the mind? Is it the beingness? Why waste everyone’s time answering the frivolous questions of the mind? There’s really no need to find a fictitious answer for a fictitious question coming from a fictitious sense of self.

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lisa says:

totally knew what you meant have just been getting these answers viola- i always tell be shhhh don’t say it out loud keep it yourself just don’t pine over it trust it and let it go and NO it does’nt , happen over-night

alie says:

thank you Mooji.

Lisa says:

Love this! Thank you thank you thank you……. ( but Who loves this? And who is grateful for these words?)

Does anyone know the name of the music playing in the background?

Manford Carter says:

thank you Mooji..

Manford Carter says:

thank you light continues to rise…freedom

Joanie says:

Beautiful explanation!

Joanie says:

Where is Part 3?

Kathy says:

We are spirit having a human experience

Maite says:

Le bonheur continue ce matin en t’écoutant Mooji
Tranquillité et calme
Love love love

Cathie says:

Thank you master

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