Mooji Videos: A Christmas Message From Mooji

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On this Christmas day, Mooji offers his message to drop yourself… the most wonderful present of all.

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Kali elisabeth says:

Empty without emtiness, ful without fulness. Everything without ranking. Nothing without missing anything. Total yes without even yes. Just love and thankfulness and willingness, free even of these, Freedom give birth to love, penetrating my mind. Is these words written by a mad mind? Even byone mad or helthy. Thank you, namaste, all one.
Kali eli Aye

Barbara says:

I would like to know if this video was recorded today as well as uploaded today. Just curious on Christmas.

mary says:

Thank you Mooji! It is a great present. love~~~~

Deepak Datta says:

It is a Gift among gifts which only a real master can give and only a seeking disciple can conceive.

Diane says:

So wonderful to live in that room less room, nobody yet enjoying the bright lights , in that room less room So grateful

mary says:

thank you!

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