Mooji Video: The Broken Finger Story

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This super short video creates a huge impact to drive the point home that “you must get rid of you” using a very funny story about a broken finger.

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Sergei says:

Thank you

Eric says:

Be the one who has no history – not looking for the future only being now – Mooji pinpoints the liberated being – It is so refreshing to hear his stories especially of the broken finger

Roma singh says:

Every word Mooji says is priceless! Thank you for creating these videos for us!

Ave says:

Thank you for letting me sharing the feelings I always have:
I love to speak from the consciousness and avoid as much as much as possible the ego-theater. I am not rough and uncaring by doing so… I just care as much as you and any others of what really is! LOVE!

Debasish Mukherjee says:

Too good elucidation ,clears with lots of clarity ,clarifies with huge authencity as SELF

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