Mooji Video: Truth is Not About Believing or Disbelieving

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In this super short video Mooji explains that the “Truth” has nothing to do with believing.  You can NOT believe in the truth. Belief is for the ego. The “Truth” stands alone.

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Cecile says:

Thank you for this beautiful pointing beloved Mooji

eric says:

i will echo cecile and give thanks to the Grace that is offered here ……. what a wonderful reflection we are offered through Mooji for our growth…….

Christina says:

Wonderful truth. Absolute. I am he I am you. No opinions or beliefs. Just what is – Self. Thank you Mooji for this confirmation. Love all and in all.

I am! says:

Om! Om! Om! Om Tat Sat! Om Naam Rai! Om Raam Rai! Wahe Guru Ji Ki Khalsa. Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh! Om Hamah Shivaya! Om! Om! Om!

lynley Hocking says:

I am he. Namaste

Ailsa says:

Yes, our truth comes to us from within. Thank you

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