Mooji Videos: Recognition of the Truth is Not the End of the Ego

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Recognition of the Truth Does Not Mean the Job is Finished. Mooji explains that recognition of the truth is normally the beginning of the assimilation of the truth. For some it can take months and for some years to fully assimilate completely into everyday life.

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Shesh says:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you <3

clement fon says:

Whish to receive more and also to know the way of life and attitude to follow for Gods realization

Eric says:

Fantastic Journey- for those of us who have not been to India this is a total treat

Ursula says:

Sri Mooji in India – the sights and sounds ,I loved this video. It feels good as well as giving us real hope for self realisation.

Margit Rajda says:


sally says:

Thank You Sri Mooji
As, If, I am sitting at the table with You
All Is Shiva

Kathy says:

I have no doubts. Also love the sights the smells the tastes. Thank U thank U thank U

Ona Nee says:

Thank you. Good Stuff! Sharing…Great Re-reminder…’I’ve fallen thru a hole in the Universe. Om Shanti Om 🙂 <3

Maria says:

Go where the wind blows u, but know it can’t blow u out of yourself.


I don’t mind.. Whatever way life takes me my answer is I don’t mind because if I mind I suffer.

Laura Brazzafolli says:

Dear Mooji,you feed me with your precious teaching and sat sang every days! Thank you so munch! I am gratefull for this opportunity. I Hope meet you soon.

Ailsa says:

Thank you, this video was very helpful.

Patricia Zecevic says:

Absolutely Exquisite !

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