Mooji Video: The True Reality of Perception

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This 5 minute Mooji video has more wisdom than 98% of all the books ever written on the reality of perception. Within these words we can find the secret to the universe.

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George A Jenkins says:

If you transcend your self to the opposite side of the vortex projecting all you can feel through your self the teaching – just my opinion

Linda Jame says:

“My God, is this so important,” reflects the spontaneous knowing energy of Sri Mooji. That what is seen takes on the qualities of the seer yet is not identical to this. Powerful discrimination and perfect wisdom.
If one is united in this seeing there is nothing but all in all.
God bless my teacher and those who tirelessly support him,

Jennie says:

I was amazed by the wisdom in this observation.

Liz Garland says:

“Does not stick to you” a creating witness without judgment or attachment
Thank you Thank you Thank you

Mal Ure says:

I forget who said this but it’s apt:”The truth waits for eyes unclouded by longing”
Thank you

Rama says:

I understand my perception & my belief…but questionis how to change it that which keeps showing on the screen of my mind again & again ?

admin says:

No need to change the activities on the screen. It’s about realizing that what appears on the screen is of no importance whatsoever. Don’t change it, ignore it.

Anonymous says:

So the see’er which is consciousness becomes the object/subject and there is another level of consciousness that sees this and so on and so on??

admin says:

There are NO TRUE LEVELS of consciousness. There are degrees with which one identifies as consciousness.

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