Mooji Videos: Mooji Responds to the Question “Who are You?”

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Many of us want to know what a realized being would answer to the question “Who are You”. In this 10 minute video, Mooji responds to that exact question.

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roberto says:

mmmm so lovely…Thank You

Susan says:

the very first video of Mooji’s that I ever saw – certainly one of my favorites <3

Jaya says:

Thank you, SaiRam ___()___

florence palmer says:

My absolute favoriye. I will watch again and again. Blessings

Maria says:

“infinite awareness” explains everything. Thank you!

Ssrginho says:

Thanks sri mooji

Sherry Wilton says:

Most Lovely <3 Thank you. I needed to hear this today, thank both – YOU. <3 <3

Thierry says:

Very interesting to witness this dialogue, the questioner being quite free and direct with regard to the person of Mooji. Yet Mooji does’nt answer on one chapter : the atmosphere of worship that surrounds him. Not all teachers encourage this atmosphere and some discourage it even or at least challenge this attitude.and the forms it takes. An inner reverence to the teacher can be there without being made outwardly manifest. Why then this attitude? Is this out of conformity to a tradition which, although inviting one to discover the formless, is still very much attached to forms ? Is it out of the need of the followers to display their sense of belonging to a special community sharing the same codes of behaviour ? I wonder…not you?

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