Mooji Audio: Mind Attacks May Happen After a Breakthrough

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In this lovely 10 minute audio clip, Mooji speaks about the resistance and mind-attacks that can often come after one has had an opening or a breakthrough in their own seeing. When these mind-attacks happen, many people run away because they feel it is a painful experience, but the mind-attacks should not be taken personally. Almost every being who has had to re-enter themselves has had to go through these type of experiences. Let’s listen…

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Melody says:

Thank you! I have spent my entire life in Church. I’ve never understood the conflict within and saw myself as a spiritual failure. I accepted that I was not worthy and that I could never find God. Pastors don’t speak about the mind in this way. My whole life I felt that I was evil in some way as my thoughts didn’t seem to be very spiritual and I was distracted so easily. My efforts to please God and others always fell short and left me empty. Now I know that my thoughts aren’t me but pretending to be me by attaching to my fears. They’ve actually stolen my identity! Once I address the fears as yet another illusion, I can see God within me and also in others. Thank you Mooji. God bless you!!!!

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