Mooji Video: A Much Deeper Look at the Emotion of Fear

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In this video clip, Mooji digs deep into the emotion of “Fear” to reveal “who” is afraid, plus the different kinds of fear and how to deal with them.  Let’s listen carefully as Mooji reveals one of life’s most common and difficult emotions to deal with…

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Valeria Wainwright says:

Where do I find the whole video of the Satsang ?

admin says:

Taken from Mooji Baba’s Satsang @Monte Sahaja Portugal 3rd June 2019.

jenny legge says:

It would be really good to be able to see the whole of this satsang. Is this possible? Is there a URL available? I can’t find anything from the above info. Maybe the next daily Mooji could be a continuation??? Thank you for all you do Michael and ‘Admin’ x

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