Is Enlightenment Permanent?

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In this 23 minute video from Mooji, a seeker says that he has experienced several “awakening” experiences but then the mind and misery came back and wants to know, “is “Enlightenment” a permanent state?”  This is an INCREDIBLE video that is well worth the 23 minute investment.

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george a jenkins says:

Where does his wisdon come from

Veronika Birken says:

Where does the sunlight come from? From Source!

Anonymous says:

Feeling like opening a treasury.

Anonymous says:

This is so clear it feels very precious pointing. So much gratitude .

Anonymous says:

Thank you thank you thank you

Anonymous says:


mv chowdary says:

guru ji ,charana sparsha,with and prem.i am much indebted to your Honour

mv chowdary says:


Sunil says:

Thanks a lot for these enlightening videos

Anne says:

So beautifully described:

“…The moon has no light of it’s own. It appears to, but it’s only the reflected light from the sun. In the same way, the Mind has no light of its’ own. It is carrying the reflected light from the self…”


Dalvin Bakoy says:

It is incredibly illustrated , the most profound….
Thank you

Chris says:

So deep going! I looove that video!!! Impressive…highly

odete santos says:

Adorei. Fabuloso grata Namaste

Nadia Golberg says:

Thank you Mooji!

Anonymous says:

What a powerful video! Thank you dear Mooji for your very clear explanations and for making a difference for any one who will truly listen. Lots of love all ways!

Anonymous says:

Thank you Mooji for giving this clear explanations. I will merge in my heart, will let me go in, every moment again and again. Thank you Thank you Mooji

Tati says:

Thank you Thank you

Mel says:

It fits and feels like an old glove – sooooo comfortable.

sally says:

Sat Chit Ananda

Uschi says:

These words are so precious. Deep thanks and love to Mooji and you for distributing

Tina says:

Namaste! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this beautiful, beautiful video of wisdom. In this video Mooji’s words resonate within me like that: If you are thinking about, if the enlightenment is permanent – then it is definitely not … why? because everything you are thinking about, is passing away but when you are” the enlightenment itself”, the Truth, then it is absolutely permanent. Thank You … Namaste!

Giancarla says:

Thank you so much! It has been enlightening. Love


Thank u, so reafirming.

Irene's says:

Oh God, thank you for this so precious teaching!

Suchismita says:

Thank you so much ❤️❤️

Caroline says:

Thank you so much x

Anonymous says:

Thanks with My ❤

Anonymous says:

What he is saying comes from direct insight.

Brigitte says:

Thank you so much Mooji!!!!!!

Anonymous says:

I am self and original, feeling peaceful and strong. Thank you for your kind explanation.

Maria Band says:

This made me cry of joy, thanks!

Anonymous says:

Thank you Mooji

Lybia Hynes says:

Thank you Mooji

Pauline O'Connor says:

Thankyou so very much Mooji Baba

Asha says:

I have been watching Mooji Baba for the last one month and there is NOTHING other than Consciousness..When Consiousness is the knower ,known and the knowledgable,,its HIS play even the urge is percieved by the Consiousness.I pray to Mooji Baba that let the urge also get dissolved in The Consiousness.

Asha says:

I havent been in any Satsang or met Mooji Baba ,yes Consiousness knows what is needed and made me hear Mooji Baba.Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you Baba,My humble Gratitude at your Holy Feet ,

Anja says:

It is always a pleasure listening to Mooji. His guidance is truly God sent

Linn says:

They Say

Jung says he has not the faintest idea
what psyche is in itself and Bohr says
if you think you understand
quantum theory, you don’t.
Nijinsky says it happens
when he’s not there. Paul Coehlo
said there are plenty of logical explanations
but “my soul feeds on mystery.”
According to Lucretius we are “the dupes
of logic which derives giant conclusions
from pygmy clues.” And Barry Lopez says
mystery is the real condition in which we live,
not certainty.” What say you?

admin says:

Unfortunately Jung and Jijinsky know nothing about the Truth.

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