Mooji Discusses the Purpose of Existence

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“People” seem to have a need to assign a purpose to everything.  This video expresses Mooji‘s view on the need for “Purpose”.  Only the mind (ego) has a need for finding a purpose.  Purpose is a concept to try to explain why everything is as it is.  In reality, there is no question of purpose.

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mystikalMi says:

It’s really a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra says:

This one is awesome.
Thank you

Nicko says:

I thought it was somewhat obvious, still sceptical towards it’s obviousness myself but atleast obvious enough in the sense to consider it. That the purpose of existence itself is simply to exist?
The good, the bad and everything in between.

Why existing as a human being is so difficult, so challenging(the reason why I think a lot of people want an answer to this question to begin with) I believe is of another reason then the purpose of existing, I think that is for the purpose of evolution, not just on the physical and psychological level but also the spiritual level.

Like, we as human beings set up obstacle courses for ourselves to get past as a way of growing, life as human being itself is an obstacle course set up for our more timeless selves as a way of growing.

The way I see it ties together is that if it is so simple that the purpose of existence is simply to exist, as awareness, the one way of continuously, infinitely bringing more experiences into our existence is through evolution.

Guess I kinda expandeded abit .. main question is tho, am I completely oblivious to some very obvious fact that reveals these thoughts of mine to make no sense at all?

admin says:

Yes, stop thinking of yourself as something separate. There is just the “ONE” and you (not the one that is expressing in your comments) are it!

hilde says:

Awesome…thank you for sharing….

Ingrid henzler says:

Stunning….. listened a few times …

Ingrid Henzler says:

Stunning….. listened a few times …..

Beth Ingleman says:

Thank you for opening me to be what is natural and not continue to search for my lifetime teaching of purpose. Life is becoming easier, quieter, and stopping the quest for ?
Am I nothing in search of something that does not exist? I realize I know only a little but I feel it is coming to break through ego and find what is. What is? In all honesty it seems to Be nothingness. I am open to small steps to what is.

Claudia says:

So obvious and so good to listen to again and again thank you very much

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