Mooji Video: Let Your Intuition (Heart) Tell You What Is True

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In this super short 4 minute video, Mooji explains that in this world today there are always people looking to accuse you of things, some may even thrive on your sorrow, so it is important to admit if you have done something to offend them and ask for forgiveness, or if not, to go on with your life centered in the Self and let you intuition (heart) tell you what is true.  Let’s listen to Mooji’s words of freedom…

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Thomas Simpson says:

I forgive for others.
I seek forgiveness for myself.
That is what I have the ability to do.
That is what my age has given me.
The knowledge of knowing that reality restricts abilities. Depending on how immersed I am in ego, reality may greatly reduce my abilities.
That is when self-forgiveness becomes apparent.

David says:

In learning consistently from experience that forgiveness heals my mistaken beliefs, the ideas of guilt, blame and punishment are among those beliefs healed. Who are We that I can judge? Who am I not to forgive? It’s so much easier. Forgiving heals. For giving is what I am given for in this world.

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