Mooji Video: “I Feel So Guilty When I Smoke Weed.”

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In this great little 10 minute video clip, Mooji responds to the very common issue of smoking weed (pot, hash, cannabis). This young lady says that she feels so guilty for doing it and doesn’t know what to do. Let’s listen to Mooji’s response…

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David says:

Trusting in this question of time which Mooji refers to, might be very difficult for this very honest and courageous young lady with – supposedly – a smoking addiction. I feel as if it is analogous with the addiction to the imaginary separate self whose death I think I wish for most of the time – but with reservations! (Just like the battle with addiction!) I imagine this young lady is temporarily achieving this apparent peace by smoking weed/hashish but then reinforcing all the addictions in the longer term including that of guilt. Trusting in the Absolute sounds simple and conceptually I suppose it is but it means `seeing clearly’ and releasing a lifetime of multiple addictions. This is my thinking whilst moving back and fore between the inner and outer paths. I never seem to find the requisite courage and trust but, like this lady, I try to open to online Satsangs daily. I also find myself placing the greatest trust in the hope that, if I am in the peaceful space of Being or Knowing often enough it will one day find me.

David says:

I should have said but pressed the button too early that I am so grateful that Mooji’s inspiration and guidance is such an integral part of my hopeful life. Thank you. Namaste

Gary says:

I come back to this video when I am in this place of wanting to smoke again after a long period of meditation and clean/sober living. Once I start craving again it’s hard not to give them power. I often wonder if it’s something I need to put more effort in to giving up, or if it’s something I should relax about and it will subside in it’s own “time”.

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