Mooji Videos: Remain as the Unassociated Awareness

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The ultimate message of this Mooji video is that if you want to experience freedom, joy and peace, you must remain as the unassociated awareness… your attention needs to remain as awareness itself.  Any step, in any direction outside of the awareness is a step into muddy waters.

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veena says:

Then how do I understand the jobs I do, the deadline, output, income and so on…?

Kanchan says:

wonderful!! Thank you Moojiji, you are fantastic!!

Eric says:


Vesna says:

No word from my mouth can express power of those coming from Mooji. Only I can say Thank you.. Endless gratitude

Margit Rajda says:

Köszönöm, Mooji!!!

Yvonne says:

so wonderfull put in words. thank you Mooji . there is so much peace beyond.nothing is needed , no wish no desire not even trust. nothing has to change..

Jennifer lawes says:

I can remember my first memory. Then this stramge conditioning.

Lalitha Shivanandan says:

Mooji Ji u hit the bulls eye, when u say depend up on only the consciousness n not the mind n personality .Thanks for the answer !!!love u

Anonymous says:

Gratitude and love overflowing!

Leslie Tylersmith says:

Words fail to express the immense gratitude I feel for the Blessing of illumination that comes with listening & comprehending what you are directing our attention toward beloved Mooji. Thankyou so much!❣

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