Mooji Video: I Got It!

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In this great little seven minute video, a follower tells Mooji that he finally “Got It”.  This usually is followed by Mooji replying “who’s got it?”, but upon closer examination Mooji seems to be pleased with his description and that perhaps a deeper understanding has taken place. Let’s watch…

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Rut Wagner says:

“From one dream into another”. Dreaming of having awaken. But still dreaming, on and on and on. Until maybe… Or not 😉

Janelo says:

Wonderful two beings as one 🙂

Kevin Ruesch says:

DEAR beloved Mooji I Keep hearing people say we are before the consciousness that consciousness appears in us but from my understanding awareness of objects stems form consciousness we are that consciousness it is synonymous with self and reality .there is only that 1 consciousness Atman all else is duality maya. I Krishna am the beginning,middle ,and end of all things.

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