Mooji Video: Stay Quiet and Keep Dissolving Inside Your Inner Ocean

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In this thirteen minute video clip from the end of a retreat in Rishikesh, Mooji recaps what has transpired and drives home the most important points of his teachings. This video could also be used as a thirteen minute guided meditation so lets sit back, relax and listen…

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shelley freeman says:

Mooji, This is the teaching I needed. Thank you. Thank you. My love to you.

lidija says:

Dear Mooji, I have seen the truth, I follow you for about 6 months, I have flooded myself, I can not describe it.HOW THANK YOU, Namaste

Wilma says:

Move in this great dream as one who is awake. May grace teach us and guide us and bless us. Namaste

Dr Ray Ernst says:

Very heartfelt and moving

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