Mooji Video: A Devotee Realizes the Self In Front of Everyone

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In this six minute video a devotee shares with Mooji her realization of the “Self”.  Join us in this rare and unique Satsang Moment. Enough said… let’s watch and listen…

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Joseph says:

“Self thanking Self for Self” An awakening to show it can be done.This in front of people is also contagious.The more coming into realization the more love flows through us.Seeing this gives extra momentum to living a beautiful life.
Thanks Mooji

Diane says:

I stopped listening to your wonderful videos, I was very unwell . I have sent a contribution

You never stopped sending them to me. Thank you so much. You didn’t give up on me
I had on myself

Diane says:

Thank you so much,

Danielle Choquette says:

Very touching moment where the I AM recognizes ITSELF as EVERYTHING’and without THAT,nothing exists. Thank you for sharing,Michael!

Anonymous says:

If only I could get this

Mile says:

Easy to talk THIS… hard to live it.

admin says:

I wonder who is saying this 🙂

Dr Ray Ernst says:

Getting to the “true Self”!

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