Mooji Video: The Wisest Advice About DECISION MAKING Ever!

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In this thirteen minute video, Mooji responds to a seeker wanting to know about decision making, whether he is making the right decision, and how to make the best decision.  Mooji responds by offering the BEST advice you will ever hear about decision making.  Let’s listen…

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Ashok Kumar Sinha says:

Wonderful pointing.

Just amazing.

Wow feeling emanating.

Real to live from moment to moment.

Thank you Mooji.

mahima says:

Am blessed to see the clarity in my perception and for the on-going guidance of Mooji vide videos of various duration which fills the gap of illusion and disillusionment with simple knowledge and practical understanding. Am enriched with postings by Mooji and the devoted Sanghas which i eagerly look forward to. I follow the valuable pointings by Mooji in my day to day life and the benefits are enormous. Gratitude always

Anonymous says:

What a very valuable 13 minutes. I so appreciate the depth of Spirit and Love that is present in Mooji. This is where I was needing help today, and so I will listen several more times, and let it sink into me. I look forward to practicing his suggestions.

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