Mooji Video: “I Am Angry That I Don’t Get It!”

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In this eight minute clip, a devotee says that he has been focusing and practicing for so many years and now has become angry at the fact that he still doesn’t “get it”.  Let’s listen to Mooji’s response to this fairly common issue…

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Renáta says:

Dear Guruji!
I am ready to dive deep. Please show me the path.
Thanks for the pointings.
I is an idea but through this body it feels confused sometimes.
I want to drop the Ego. It is killing me.
Please let me join Your Sangha if it possible.


Vaughn skvar says:

I was capable of doing more and my life has been pained so much that I became angry and feel strangled in all attempt to regain my life but I am dying with no hope a sense that this matters why

admin says:

You are not affected by anything in the universe. Your false sense of self (ego, person) however, is very displeased. Since your false sense of self is completely made up, why not drop it?

Louise Bunt says:

I am so sorry to read of your suffering. Know that great love holds you always. I hope you come to feel a sense of this.

Mulyadi says:

Mooji should have been a little bit patient. Everybody is not the same. Love should be use as the light to help certain people.

Anonymous says:

Why does mooji laugh at people if they don’t understand and then look around so that everyone else laughs too? Why make someone embarrassed. I don’t completely understand but I would not make someone feel ill at ease.

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