I Am That! by Mooji

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This is a clip from one of the most awesome interviews with Mooji EVER!  Contrary to current popular teachings, Mooji says “Don’t try to live in the now”.  Listen to what Mooji has to say about this…

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Anonymous says:

…”the mind cannot stay in the Here and Now” <3 <3 <3

sethu says:

The job of the mind is to wander, with continuos practice of IAM to an extent you can bring it to

Kanchan says:

Very very clearly Moojiji has pointed out the difference between trueself enquiry “Who am I” and just ‘staying in the present’- the former will end in Truth while the latter will fail, because it is an intention and a trick of the mind.Thank You so much for this sharing

Anonymous says:

Very clear! Thank you Mooji.

Diane says:

I really enjoyed this video, I have tried so many tines to stay in the here and now, for years
So many teachers telling this, I now ask that question, especially this morning when I was going into my identity , or so called, and becoming upset, thank you for telling me to ask the question
You will know the results

Glenda Jasper says:

If by remaining in the present your experience is compete other than digging in other holes for the water
Being in the now is exactly as it is to be as it shall be done..

Glenda Jasper says:

We have come to experience all this ~ as it has been laid before us ~ although much is to be acknowledged by the percentage to be in the presence of your truer image

misha says:

very clear thank you Mooji

Ellen says:

I wonder if you would give the name or location of this whole interview?
Thank you for putting up all these clips and sending them daily…wonderful.

Seija says:

Thank you for giving this simple and clear experience and reminder of what am I. My question is about the tool, tools for inquireing that basic question. Is ones own body, bodyawareness a tool, gateway to true selfinquiry? Can one reach what I am thorough bodyawareness, kind of inner sensing of existence?

Tina says:

Namaste! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this most profound video of who we are. Mooji’s wisdom is pointing out it very clearly as I perceive it: to be present, is to be aware as the mind about everything in the moment that is happening around us but “I Am That” is beyond all worldly matters and when we have dropped everything, everything and the mind is completely quiet, only then – the “I Am That” is recognized – we recognize it from the peace, stillness and joy we experience and this “I Am That” is there all the time wherever we are – quietly, just watching us and the play of life or lets us know as a deeper intuition if there is anything that needs to be done… Thank You… Namaste!

Chrstina Todd says:

Thank you for you Moogi. This confirms the experiencing I am – the one alone watching the play of life. This is joy unspeakable. Love and peace.

Brigitte says:

Thank you for sending these clips daily!!!!!!!

Anonymous says:

Seeing daily video and reminding I am that and feel satisfied and free in daily activities. Great Guru , Thanks a lot , Mooji Baba.

Meg says:

Thank you, Mooji!

SEIFE says:

Thank you very much!

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