Mooji Videos: The Presence of the Absolute

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In this Mooji video we are exposed to the fact that, “Through the ‘I am’, the presence of the Absolute is felt.”

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Anne Batchelor says:

I am absolutely one with it. Thank you, thank you Mooji for the relentless pointing to this joy of existence.

Atma says:

‘Joyous Meeting’ <3 thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Cecile says:

Thank you beloved Mooji, truly you take us by hand to find the source of Being itself, thank you

Diane says:

How grateful I am , thank you

Joyanne jeffery says:

In Stillness all things can be known.

Steps to Inner Knowing unites the mind you think with to the mind in us that knows.

It is not a matter of belief but a matter of recognition within.

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