Mooji Audio: Blessed Are You Who’s Person is Not Working

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In this very short three minute clip, Mooji reminds us that when the person is “not working” is often a time when the universe brings us what we need to realize a “successful” inner life and kick the person we think ourselves to be to the curb of ignorance.

Here is the full three hour video this clip was taken from:

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zorbathebuddha2 says:

Who are considered the ‘New Advaitists’ that Mooji refers to please? Can someone clarify this? I have watched various people on youtube like Tony Parsons, Richard Sylvester, Jeff Foster, and others. Are these people considered New Advaitists?

zorbathebuddha2 says:

I am so glad Mooji said, in response to the critical comments about his sense of humour when responding to concerns put to him re. hurricane in America……..that similar tragedies are happening in other parts of the world all the time, and the West takes little notice….He’s absolutely right. I felt it was a good thing that he did respond to the criticisms of his humour, but I also Love him so much and know what is in his heart – and that for me is overwhelmingly the point. xxxx

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