Mooji Videos – Remain as the Unassociated Being

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Mooji explains that for at least one moment each day we must feel the freedom of remaining as an un-associated being.

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Kanchan says:

Wonderful !!

Nayana says:

Heart touching…..

Cecile says:

Thank you beloved Mooji, your pointings are so helpful to remain in the being, this one makes it almost easy; thank you!

Joanna says:

Beautiful! Thank you. _/\_

Nayana says:

This is direct & best way to be in consciousness continuously.Thanks for this video to contemplate.

Rowena says:

Wonderful video, thank you! No, I would not choose that clump of conditioning I love the way Mooji points so clearly and the wonderful analogies ✨

Margit Rajda says:

IGEN!!! Köszönöm szépen, MOOJI.

Linda says:

Thank you. let go to be. I

odete santos says:

Amei grata Namaste

Randall McCaleb says:

We are a cerification group focus here in the USA marketing mix ….like John Maxwell…

We really really appreciate your love and kindness

Diane says:

.please help me to return to your love
I have been very ill
I can’t seem to know I’d I have reconnected
You I have never left for the whole of my illness
I made a $50 donation by credit card, I hope iit went through
I know you are the truth, your wisdom has allowed me to get through
I honour mooji and all his friends

Diane says:

I don’t know how to start donating
I have given my card details. But not sure where they are
I have been with mooji for a long time but have been very sick
Please help me
Thank tou

Diane says:

Please help me to continue .to receive mooji
I love all your wisdom and words. You have always been in my mind
I need. Help at the mnent

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