Mooji Moment: Discovering and Understanding Universality

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In this twelve minute video captured on one of his walks, Mooji shares his story of searching, discovering and understanding universality.  He explains the urge within him that led him to the realization of the one and only self and the dissolution of the separate false entity we know as “me”.

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iveta says:

Mooji, thank you very much for your inspiring videos. Could you please share who is singing in the background of this video? Such a beautiful song! With love, Iveta

Anonymous says:

Mooji ji love u….Iam waiting for the unity…

Sree tung says:

I felt this kiss from within too!! Super nourishment!!!
But not able dissect /analyze/understand what this IAM throb/pull is !!!

Help me Mooji baba


admin says:

The “Self” can NOT be dissected, analyzed or understood by the mind. There is no need to. Just remain as the Awareness presence that you are and forget about everything else.

Chris says:

Wooaahhh, again and again in tears of happyness – of feeling connected – of feeling one…

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