Mooji Video – Are you your mind?

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This is the first question that needs to be asked because if you are your mind you have no chance for freedom.

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Atma says:

….’Free is that one who wants nothing, and yet enjoys….what comes to enjoy, enjoys, what comes to not enjoy, don’t mind’

Nayana says:

I am no mind,but conditioned mind attacks me without my knowing. I catch myself and witness my thoughts which keeps me in space and blankness.But after sleep when I wake up fall of thoughts rush in mind even though I have sound sleep that disturbs me a lot.Please guide me…

Nayana says:

Today after waking up conditioned mind rushed up with melodrama,witnessed it,went/surrendered to I am…after that lot of peace…..Is it thought or going in right track….Please guide me….

Anonymous says:

Great words and again so true. Thank you Mooji!

ida wanders says:

I am investigaging : am i my mind?

Joanne Lafond says:

Mind is not bad. Mind is god itself.

it leaves me god and its origine.

Joli says:

This helped me very much today and came at such an important moment for me. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Hilaire Van Elewijck says:

Larry Van Elewijck is my name

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