Mooji Moment: Is a Teacher Needed to Realize the Self?

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In this impromptu eight minute video filmed on one of Mooji‘s walks, he responds to the question, “Is a teacher needed or recommended to help realize the self?” and also “How do I know who is the right teacher?”.  Let’s listen to Mooji’s advice…

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Marie says:

Exactly what I needed to hear today – Thank you

Odete Santos says:

Gratidão ♡Mooji

Anonymous says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you

lynley says:

This is very clear. I relate deeply to St John of the Cross. Being beaten into awakened oneness. I am in one room. I cannot walk far. Talk long. It is a dying. Working with Gangaji for three years I heard her talk about Papaji and his moving her away to the back train carriage when she came to him in need and this repelled me away from that Sangha. It broke my heart this modality of tough love. It was a beloved Sangha. I loved how she confronted me. I loved her challenging my ego. But so much power this one has. To give myself completely to this one. Jeff Foster awoke alone. He turned from the teachers into his own heart. I love all the teachers. Spending so much $ and never having one conversation in person though. This is bizarre. This life desert I am in is purifying and teaching respect. For God. Respect and reverence. Challenging entitlement. Mind veers toward critical like Mooji says. Yes I hear this.

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