Mooji Video – Is It Truly Possible to be Free?

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In this video Mooji poses some questions to you to help you determine where you stand.

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Atma says:

Yes, ‘this life is for Freedom’. thank you, thank you, thank you Guruji.

Vesna says:

Amazingly direct, beautiful

Nayana says:

I am here for freedom now, even though conditioned mind,anger & fear are coming,but I am not that.I am space & freedom itself.

Anonymous says:

Yes Mooji, I do believe in freedom now, I know my true nature. There doesn’t need to be any more talking.

GloriaJ says:

Good question. I don’t know. I recall 30 years ago asking some Unity Ministers about the ability to walk away from the conditioned and into freedom. They said it was possible, but very unusual. They had not found it . Now I have Mooji who points to the way of freedom now. – every day – in every way he can. So here it is, Gloria. Now what. So I cry and laugh with the beings who have found freedom in Sansang. So I commit to watch and listen to Mooji everyday. Maybe for me, it just takes a long time …

Chris says:

What is blocking me is the sense of being a person… Not sure why this feeling is so strong.

Shifting back and forth between pure awareness and person hood for some time now.

Mooji talks help.

admin says:

The me in “blocking me” IS the person. You can not be blocked… never… period!

odete santos says:

Eu sou agora livre grata Mooji Namaste

Joanne Lafond says:

I see this life is from freedom, no doubt, freedom.
🙂 🙁 🙂 😀 😀 🙂 xx

Sylvia Duijm says:

In mijn hart weet ik het en kan er vaker naar handelen in zijn …

Eileen Rene Vogn says:

Absolutely, it Must Be ! thank you Moojibaba, thank you so much !!! 🙂

Siamak says:

Thank you so much

Colin Stewart says:

I really think I have “no real choice”anyway, other than to be completely open to the spirit that moves inside of me and everything..

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