Mooji – Freedom is What You Are

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Atma says:

…..”In this understanding I find myself as I have always been, I can’t say how I came to know this but it is deeper than me…”

Anonymous says:

So nice to listen to words that ‘land’, that conneconnect. Thank you Mooji 🙂

Diane says:

Thank you for sending , so grateful

ralf josef says:

_/\_ gratitude _/\_

misha says:

Love YOU

Violeta says:

I like this video.
” Freedom Is What We Are.”

Anje says:

Thank you for allways sending.with

Tammy says:

Can anyone tell me about the music playimg at the end? Who is it? I would like to have it.

Melissa Baus says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

all of my love, you give to me. all my love to you..

Conny says:

Jedes Video ein solch kostbares Geschenk.
Ich danke dir für das Auswählen und Senden ❣

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