Mooji Guided Meditation: May the Urge for Complete Freedom be Satisfied

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We all have 10 minutes to spare. This guided meditation from a Satsang in London is less than 10 minutes long and will bring you back to yourself in deep peace, love and harmony.

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Diana McAskill says:

Thankyou,thankyou thankyou, Mooji Baba

Wendy Ward says:

I can find the Presence, but only once was I able to completely disidentify with thoughts that came up. Now I can be aware of Presence but after a short while I find that I have begun to follow a train of thought. Usually it will be thoughts centered on spirituality but, of course, these thoughts still take me away from awareness of Presence. It seems I was doing better earlier.

Dr Ray Ernst says:

Thank you Mooji. I continue to suggest to family members and friends that at least ten minutes of meditation daily will bring great benefits.

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