Mooji Moment: Transcending Reincarnation

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In this mini five minute Satsang given on one of his walks, Mooji responds to an inquiry asking “I would like this to be my last life”.  Mooji explains that these types of statements start off as a misunderstanding and that “Awakening” necessarily eliminates the one concerned with reincarnation.  Let’s listen in as Mooji explains…

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Dan Barfod says:

This is the answer i have been looking for.
This is the best Mooji talk ever.
Thank you Mooji.

Rose says:

so why do people say we choose our parents ?when talkign abtou reincarnation

Anonymous says:

Such a blessing. Thank you Mooji.

Ratna Prabhala says:

Am getting your grace Mooji baba?I want your darshan .Bless me

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