Mooji – How Can I Remember Who I Am All the Time?

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This is a very popular question that is quickly answered by Mooji.

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Atma says:

….fear may come, sadness may can come, every anger can come, frustration can come, but they come and go just as quickly because they do not have something to land upon because you’re home….”

veena says:

Great! What do we do when expression of love is perceived as hurt and and that hurt is hurled back at us? Particularly when we recognise that the other is really in pain?

Anonymous says:

Beautiful words. Thank you 🙂

Diane says:

So wonderful to watch, thank you so much

Ave says:

Yes, this video helps much those ones who have already some experience but cannot quite understand the relations between different states. I self is always there observing everything and mind-ego is the changing cloud to be taken easy.

nahid says:

❤m mooji ji
Many thanks and respect to the staff that providing us with this masseges to reach us daily much love

Lalla says:

Dear Beloved Mooji ! Thank you ever so much for your great words of Wisdom ! For your great team, who make these videos, that every morning we can start to see a new Day, new Light, new Dawn. Thank you.

Rolf says:

This is a good one!!!
Thank you Michael for your tireless searching for the gems. 😉

Maria Petersson says:

…you don’t have to do anything, there are no steps to take. It’s an understanding ❤️

Anonymous says:

…you don’t have to do anything, there are no steps to take. It’s an understanding ❤️

roland says:

“I” AM GOD…, -Pretending to Be ‘Roland’…, I AM no more ‘Roland’ than You are, -but ‘we’ are All the Same..

roland says:

… , -a reluctant iconoclast…

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