Mooji – What to Do When Our Mind Tricks Us Into Making a Decision?

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In this 6 minute video from Mooji, he helps us understand that very often we FEEL like a decision needs to be made which is a phenomenon created by the mind when really no decision needs to be made at that time. Listen to Mooji explain…

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Atma says:

Focused on a particular experience and the outcome was non attachment to the world. No suffering, just allowance, no decision maker, just IS. Thank you Beloved Moojiji.

kanchan says:

Very very clear pointing!! Thank you Moojiji and sangha

Anonymous says:

So clear, so helpful, so coming through. Thank you Mooji.

Maria says:

to just be, is the ultimate freedom

Rekha patel says:

Om….Thanks With my Love…pranam Dear Guruji….Om.

Ants says:

An other good step towards self realisation!
Awesome! To ease, right!

Margaret Schmoyer says:

This was very useful. Thank you. I listened right after morning meditation aand it was so easy to follow him.

Joanne Lafond says:

At the end it is written : Just be yourself…
I smile at the words through Moojï : “Zilch, nothing”

Nisse says:

Thank you Mooji <3

jill thompson says:

this makes no sense to me as when push comes to shove a decision HAS to be made.E.G. do I contiue with my university course or do I chuck it in and go traveling ,ot os a decision surely that has to be made by me

admin says:

Who is this “me” that you are talking about?

Anonymous says:

THIS is the only Mooji video I have saved. This reminder seems to be needed over and over. It’s the breaking of the habit of the pre-supposed little me coming in to claim ownership.

Ailsa says:

Thanks …. Very helpful.

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