Mooji Video: Deeper Insight Into Depression

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In this 18 minute video from Mooji, he helps us understand depression. It starts with the realization that NOTHING can affect who we truly are, therefore depression is only another phenomenon that is witnessed by the Self. At the heart of this video is the realization that depression does not have to be overcome or transcended for the realization of the Self and that only by the realization of the Self can we put depression in its proper perspective.

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Premalatha says:

Mooji Master I started listening to your videos and it inspires me a lot. My son is going through depression and me with anxiety. Master your talks have given me an insight to many things going on in my mind. I too have lots of thoughts and keep fighting with me and I keep it tight within my body not letting it go. I feel a lot of tightness within me and had knot in my heart not making me free. I would love to see you but I live in India. Love Mooji

Anna Etter says:

So grateful for your teachings dear Mooji and especially for this video! With immense gratitude and love Anna

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