Mooji Answers: How to Avoid Premature Reactions to Life’s Circumstances

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Very often the mind is looking for a solution or a course of action to life’s circumstances long before it is TRULY necessary. In this fourteen minute video, Mooji explains that these seemingly pressing matters normally stem from fear or some kind of projection from the mind as to how things should be. Let’s listen in on the solution to these seemingly real circumstances…

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Doctor Vijay says:

Exactly my question!
Thank you Mooji.

Sara says:

I wish I could give less power to thoughts and mind while facing my cancer. I find peace and space from the disease while by myself but when having to make decisions and listen to medical advice, the words I hear, the things I am told make me feel forced to have my mind dominate my place of self that has nothing to do with cancer and the potential of facing death. I would love to hear guidance on dealing with illness, and the pain it causes not only me, but reactions to all around me and my loved ones. I can be, when by myself, not ill, but I struggle to stay there around others. For me to remain in the place of giving little power to thoughts, I am finding that I am isolating myself from others. Advice to stay in the place of just being and observing while being able to be around others?

Maria Gahlinger says:

Thank you, Mooji, for answering the same questions and concerns that I often have !

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