Mooji – Gratitude Even in the Face of Death

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Facing the death of a loved one with acceptance and gratitude.

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Atma says:

Thank you <3

Alison says:

This is a totally stunning video ! Absolutely beautiful truth is discovered in tender, testing circumstances . Children teach us so much and the hardest tests totally open the heart to the Truth of ourselves . Beautiful ! Thank you . Much gratitude

Ann says:

Beautiful. And a wonderful reminder to keep choosing Spirits voice no matter what arises..the letting go of guilt & fear from thought. Thank you for the gifts you bring.

Ave says:

In fact, I have often thanked for unpleasant moments, often right as they appear. Since they really bring deep insight. The nice moments are dangerous-I feel my mind slowly crawling towards attachment… way to pain and hell.

Anje says:

Thank you !!! I am grateful for this

pam karouni says:

wonderful insight, thank you

Rita bush says:

Beautiful thankyou for sending Michael xx

Barbara Sun says:

This video touched my heart deeply. Thank you .

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