Mooji Video – Cyanide for the Ego

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In this six minute video, we find Mooji talking about everything just happening spontaneously,  letting go of “you”, and remembering that activity is not in conflict with “Truth”.

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Marlaya says:

Beautiful 🙂 aah

Anonymous says:

The mind is playing a game it plays often, it wants to get the ego killed . It is so funny to see this game: the mind produces and idea, an illusion, the ego and makes it to the blockage of the self… has to be killed to be the self… does not exist, we are the self…

Angelica Christi says:

this first 2 minutes are it

Brigita says:

Only when you consciously practice spirituality through observation, meditation, contemplation, isolation you more and more recognize the mind and the Self activities. Most of the time is the Self. But the majority of people on the Planet are still controlled by their little minds. So, what? Either avoid them, which is the best thing to do, if you can’t make a plan to avoid them, but if you are forced by circumstances to be around them, just accept it and take it as your spiritual practice.

Lalla says:

Beautiful … Thank you Beloved Mooji …

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