Mooji – What if There Was No Next?

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In this precious six minute video, Mooji helps us understand how obsessed our minds are with what comes next and asks us to take a moment to imagine a life where is no concern for what’s next…

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Anonymous says:

Very clear words and great video. Thank you Mooji 🙂

Diane says:

Thank you again Mooji

odete santos says:

Esplêndido grata Mooji Namaste

Manford Carter says:

Thank you Mooji…so clear..

P Morris says:

From the Heart is Peace ❤️ love ❤️ happyness. Rest in remembering who you are. J’shaw sh non. . Water is Life knowledge ah’o blessings My beloved Dear Mooji. ❤️❤️ My savings Grace. Amen

Anonymous says:

My state would be energised and absorbed in this moment

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