Mooji – Identifying the You That is Not You

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In only 9 minutes, Mooji brings us to such a beautiful realization.

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george a jenkins says:

Great wisdom that all should be you be but let the other be

nahid says:

Thank you for cleaning the Un clear Namaste ❤m

Lalla says:

Thank you Beloved Mooji. <3

Sree tung says:

Strangers don’t hv expectations on you
Killer punch line.

Thank you

Uschi says:

For me a most helpful pointing, love to Mooji!

LotusRose says:

I agree this is a highlight for my life at this connecting to the “beat of my own drum” to live more fully …I love Mooji

LotusRose says:

Perfection is in the complete spaciousness of your being…what a refreshing gift to be reminded of following out own truth…not to be affected by conditions of projections of others…

Jude says:

So wonderful to start the day with Mooji…a beautiful satsang.

Deb Belisle says:

Wow, love this satsang, found it so helpful when Mooji uses the metaphor of a T.V. screen, the joy of detachment after being away, and for the relief that I felt when hearing that should not feel guilty when I don’t feel empathy for something….So liberating…Namaste

Larz says:

All of Mooji messages are great. This one really hit home with me. Thanks Mooji

Maria says:

Beautiful.. Strangers trouble u the least.. The ones that know u the best actually know u the least as they have expectations about how u should be.. Strangers don’t know u so can’t trouble u

Ailsa says:

So excellent …. So helpful…. So profound …. Thank you.

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