Mooji Video – No Need to Work on the Past

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In this five minute video, Mooji reminds us that even though we all come with a certain amount of programming (conditioning), this programming is not important and doesn’t have to be worked on or worked through.  Let’s listen in on this EXCELLENT message…

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Kanchan says:

Very very true. By not remembering and holding on to the past, one can be fresh every moment,, be really a Nobody!!

Suzanne moran says:

I am just a beginner in this although I have
been on the Spritual path for almost my whole Life! Thank Mooji! You touch and so open my heart…

Ave says:

Yes, before I used to think a lot about the past.
Now I know it was there, but I don’t need to circle about it.
If something traumatic from the past comes up, I remember it just for short, whet let it go and try to let myself drift as much into emptiness as possible, but still so much thinking present that i can tell myself- if you would have known it at that moment… it is-was just NOTHING! And then let it go.
Should work quickly and efficiently.

It is sometimes really difficult to pretend outside I am somebody. Especially is someone else tries to glue labels on me. In this case I have to remind myself no labels can stick on nothingness…

Anonymous says:

Thank you, it’s a wonderful reminder <3

Gurmeet gurujyoti Ananta says:

Thank you soooooo much guru ji. Love love love you

Brigitte says:

It is great to be inside NOBODY!
Thank you Mooji

Anonymous says:

Thank you my guru ji, love you

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